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Swift, Smooth and Simple

In a combined part-exchange (or ‘trade-in’) transaction you can sell your old watch and buy your new one. The part-exchange process is at the heart of our business at Watches World; natural evolution for our customers, and constant regeneration for our portfolio. One of the main benefits is that you get a better offer than you might by simply selling your watch. Start your part-exchange using our form provided or call us on +44 203 409 1808. Full details on part-exchange can be found here.

Four Easy Steps

Step 1: Fill in the part-exchange form Fill in your details. For details on the watch, search by model number to find the watch you intend to part-exchange.
Step 2: Send us your Watch We'll email you a preliminary estimate based on the information you provide, and subject to our being able to physically inspect your watch.
Step 3: Watch Inspection When we receive your watch, it will be passed to our manufacturer approved service center where our watch experts will undertake a detailed inspection of authenticity, condition, and functionality.
Step 4: Watch Dispatched We'll make you a final offer on trade-in terms, which may or may not change from the preliminary estimate depending on the outcome of the inspection. Once you approve the offer, Watches World will send you your selected watch.