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    HYT H0 Blue Night Black 49mm

    HYT H0 Blue Night Black 49mm

    € 29,300
    Ref:  048-DL-93-BF-RU
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    HYT H0 Silver 49mm

    HYT H0 Silver 49mm

    € 29,300
    Ref:  048-TT-91-BF-RU
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    HYT | Men & Ladies Watches | Watches World

    It has been said that even water-resistant watches are not fully waterproof. The interiors of mechanical watches are water-sensitive, and fluid drips can cause corrosion and eventually damage your watch. But if there’s any brand that proved this theory wrong and created watches that use fluid to measure time, it’s HYT. According to the HYT, they have revolutionized the face of watchmaking by “breaking new scientific ground”. This achievement did not come easy. It took 15 years and has successfully placed HYT as one of those brands to look out for. Lucien Vouillamoz started HYT in 2012, alongside Patrick Berdoz in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The goal was to be different from other Swiss brands. So far, their market success tells you how they have grown after making some of the world’s elusive timepieces.

    What is so special about HYT watches?

    If you are a lover of peculiar features in watches, then HYT will blow your mind. Compared to other watches, HYT timepieces look different. Their bold features are attention-grabbing. But that’s not all about the appearance of HYT watches. HYT makes watches using liquid in their dials. The company adopted the idea from the ancient water clocks that used water flow from one vessel to another to tell time. It took the company fifteen years to adapt this into a modern watch. But once they were done, it became a ground-breaking innovation in watchmaking. HYT watches contain only the minute hand. Instead, the hour hand is indicated with a fluid that rises in a tube. They also combined Swiss designs with their discovery to make watches that are remarkably different from other brands. Even within their collection, every timepiece has a unique and attractive appearance. The HYT H2, for example, has an in-built thermometer and the impression of an engine.

    What do HYT watches stand for?

    The acronym HYT captures what the brand stands for. HYT means Hydro Technology. Hydro technology refers to technology that utilizes water to function. Unlike other brands, HYT uses water to power its timepieces which justifies how its name, HYT, came about. 

    Where are HYT watches made?

    HYT is a brand located in Neuchatel, Switzerland. They are known for using Hydro technology to create timepieces and are the only Swiss brand to have accomplished this feat. After going bankrupt in 2021, Kairos Technology in Switzerland acquired the company’s assets. 

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