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Romain Jerome

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Brand: Romain Jerome
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Romain Jerome


Unlike many watch brands with a history spanning decades, The Romain Jerome watch brand is a relatively young brand whose presence is barely up to a decade. As a newcomer in the horological space, one would expect some amateurish productions that do not meet up with the other luxury brands. However, RJ, as they are often referred to, has beaten the imaginations of watch connoisseurs. RJ invested heavily in using the best materials to create timeless watches. Their newness in the horological world also came with a breath of contemporaneity that focused on modern trends. The brand draws inspiration from air, sea, and earth, and each piece resonates with a historical horological expedition that imparts their creation. It was founded in 2004 by Alain Bajulaz and made explicitly to acknowledge “legends and icons” of contemporary life. 

Is Romain Jerome a good watch?

There’s no doubt that RJ experimented with many materials while in production. The brand was full of life, and exploration was a significant aspect that made it unique. RJ designs are both striking and distinct.  A typical example is the Titanic-DNA, made with steel from the iconic Titanic ship. The Eyjafjallajokull-DNA Volcano watch also proves the daring nature of the brand. When you check its dial, a noticeable feature is a lava-like appearance made from Eyjafjallajokull volcano lava stone.  With these track records, it is evident that Romain Jerome is research and detail-oriented and makes some of the world’s finest timepieces. 

Is Romain Jerome still making watches?

Though RJ had a great time in the watchmaking business, its horological expertise is short-lived. The brand declared bankruptcy and was forced to shut down in February 2020. 

Where to sell Romain Jerome watches?

Now that Romain Jerome is no longer in production, collectors and owners of RJ models are still seeking to sell their timepieces. So, if you’re seeking to buy an RJ timepiece, you might just find one on Watches World. Romain Jerome’s timepieces are exquisite and have unique features that could make for a mouth-watering deal. Do you have one to sell? Watches World is also the best place to sell your Romain Jerome wristwatch and get a good offer. 

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