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Brand: Chaumet
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Chaumet | Men & Ladies Watches | Watches World

With over 240 years of existence, Chaumet is also one of the oldest luxury companies with a watchmaking department. They spare no detail, which is why it is where it is today in the world of Swiss horology. Famous for their highly-sophisticated tiara and jewelry pieces, Chaumet’s jewelry experience easily rubs off on their timepieces. Each timepiece’s extravagance, richness, and shimmer tell you that the finest jewelers have worked on them.

Is Chaumet a good brand?

Recognized as one of the oldest luxury brands in the world, Chaumet is a brand you can trust to deliver authentic and high-caliber timepieces. Chaumet is widely known for its collections of ladies’ wristwatches, mainly due to its affinity with precious stones and the creation of jewelry for women like tiaras. Over time, Chaumet ventured into making wristwatches for men, emphasizing masculine features. Chaumet Dandy is one of those creations. Made for the modern classic, it is powered by a Swiss automatic movement, and a caliber made conspicuous by the see-through sapphire crystal case. Other collections of Chaumet include the Liens series, Classic One, Bee My Love, all with unique features that set them apart. 

How do you pronounce the brand Chaumet?

Based in Paris, the brand name has its origin in France. It is pronounced /show-may/, and not /chau-met/. The /t/ is silent and the /ch/ is pronounced /sh/.

Is Chaumet French?

Like Cartier, Bell & Ross, and others, Chaumet is one of those wristwatch brands that meld French artistry with Swiss horology. Chaumet was founded in 1780 and the first jewelry Maison to have been established in Place Vendome,which is known as the epicenter of French luxury.

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