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Watches World is not like any other online platform for luxury watches.

We are dedicated to delivering a personal service when you buy, sell or part-exchange a luxury watch. We’re a team of watch experts with a difference; we understand the value of trust, and how important it is when it comes to making the right decision.

Too often, outmoded tradition dictates the pace and style of service in luxury goods, particularly high-quality watches. We’re a young company creating new traditions. We provide fast turnaround, use advanced technology to ensure competitive pricing, and respond to our customers’ personal requirements at any stage of buying, selling, or part-exchanging. We’re global too, with offices in 10 locations in 4 continents.

When we provide a quote for your watch, and with our retail prices shown on this site, we reflect the best-in-market deal.


SatisfactionWhen you’re on the search for the highest quality, the best deal, the greatest attention to detail and superior personal service, Watches World delivers on all fronts.
RespectWe respect our customers. We understand the value and importance of responding to what you want rather than being led by what we want to sell. Our focus will always be on making your purchase or transaction perfect.
ResponseEven though we’re an online platform, we offer personal involvement whenever you need it in your search for the watch that is right for you, backed up by deep experience in what will make it so – for every customer, every time.