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Glashütte Original

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Brand: Glashütte Original
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Glashütte Original | Men & Ladies Watches | Watches World

Proud to be the Original


It’s no secret that Swiss towns like Geneva, Basel, and La Chaux-de-Fonds are home to some iconic wristwatch brands. But outside the shores of Switzerland, are there other famous watchmaking towns?  Yes, there is. One of them is Glashütte, a town in Easten Germany. Glashütte is home to  A. Lange & Söhne, Mühle-Glashütte, NOMOS Glashütte and of course, Glashütte Original. Glashütte Original merges world-class manufacturing technologies with traditional handwork to produce top-quality timepieces.

What are Glashutte watches?

Glashutte watches are made to portray the art of German watchmaking. They represent German horological traditions in a highly saturated market with high-end Swiss techniques. To ensure their intricate detailing, they rely on traditional artistry and a blend of modern design without losing touch with originality. Glashutte watches have detailed complications that are manufactured in-house. They also use the best materials that tell the German story. If you are a fan of diverse mechanical watch movements, then look out for a Glashutte watch. They use complications like the perpetual calendar, tourbillon, and flyback chronograph in their watches.

Is Glashutte a luxury brand?

Glashutte original is considered an upper mid-luxury watch brand. However, it is still regarded as Haute Horlogerie because of its high-end complications and design technique. It is also an exclusive brand because only a few hundred of each model are produced annually. There are some Glashutte original models that cost over $100,000. For example, the Glashutte Original Senator collection costs around $109,000 on the pre-owned market.

Does Glashutte Original hold value?

Considering how scarce Glashütte Original watches are, it’s safe to say they hold their value. The number of timepieces they make per annum plays a role in the value of pre-owned Glashutte watches. 

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