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H. Moser & Cie

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    H.Moser & Cie Endeavour Center Seconds Automatic 40mm
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    H. Moser & Cie | Men & Ladies Watches | Watches World

    Moser is a brand that is synonymous with excellence. It’s also a brand founded on entrepreneurialism and innovation. Heinrich Moser, the founder of H. Moser & Cie, came from a watchmaking family. In 1828, he established the company to produce wristwatches with the highest possible mechanism at the time. Centuries later, H. Moser became one of the world’s most exclusive brands, making timepieces with a high level of craft and artistry. The company is an in-house watch manufacturer with a staff made of 55 personnel, unevenly distributed between the watchmakers, designers, and precision engineers. Moser Watch Holding owns Precision Engineering AG or PEAG, known for its specialty in balance wheels and other escapement components of wristwatch complications. They are one of the few companies with the necessary tools and equipment to produce the most intricate complications to date. 

    Is H Moser and Cie a good brand?

    Moser & Cie is a brand known for manufacturing timepieces that surpass market expectations. Every watch made lives out the essence of Swiss watches in terms of functionality and appearance. H. Moser has made it a long-standing tradition to make every component of their timepieces, and they have not relented. Aside from their reputation as watchmakers, H. Moser is an eco-conscious brand. They make sure materials for production are acquired as sustainably as possible. They are one of the few brands that belong to the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC). In addition, H. Moser guarantees you’ll get value for your money and an exclusive timepiece. You can always rely on H. Moser to get rare watches that will make you stand out from the crowd. 

    Why are H Moser and Cie watches so expensive?

    Moser & Cie relies on its in-house workforce to create every component of its timepieces from start to finish. It’s a brand under independent ownership yet dedicated to manufacturing watches that exude quality, excellence, and precision. Making these watches takes time for research, manufacturing, and testing. They  use the best materials which do not come cheap. H.Moser prioritizes quality over quantity which results in exclusive and expensive timepieces made for a selected few.

    How many watches do H Moser and Cie make a year?

    H.Moser is a company that takes pride in making every element of its timepieces and movements. Each watch is also hand-finished to ensure that perfect touch. And with only 55 staff on its payroll, little wonder they only produce 1200 timepieces per year. 

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