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Jaquet Droz

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Brand: Jaquet Droz
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Jaquet Droz | Men & Ladies Watches | Watches World

Pierre Jacquet-Droz, the founder of the famous Swiss watch brand, was a renowned watchmaker, highly known for watchmaking mechanisms and android creations. He was also known for creating the automata and singing birds, which garnered substantial attention then. Known as Jaquet-Droz et Leschot in the 1700s, the company re-emerged in 2000 as Jaquet Droz. Since then, the brand has focused on being disruptive and visionary like the founder. Jaquet Droz is known for its bespoke wristwatch designs, which are made using novel materials and technologies. Although the Swatch Group owns Jaquet Droz, the brand has continued to create timepieces that resonate with its identity while maintaining its company in Switzerland. 

How good are Jaquet Droz watches?

Jaquet Droz makes timepieces that appeal to watch connoisseurs. Regarding their horological value, Jaquet Droz is exceptional compared to brands like Audemars Piguet, Blanpain, and Patek Philipe. Jaquet Droz focuses on using the best mechanisms and rare materials. When you pick up a Jaquet Droz timepiece, some of the materials you notice are rare woods, enamel, and precious minerals. To improve their watches, Jaquet Droz employed silicon balance springs to equip their movements. This technique makes all Jaquet Droz timepieces adaptable to both pressure and temperature. 

Where are Jaquet Droz watches made?

Where Jaquet Droz makes their timepieces is pretty exciting to anyone who values history. As a brand that started centuries ago and stopped production, it is interesting to know that Jaquet Droz was able to pick up from where it left, right in the same building. Even now that the brand has gone through an ownership change, Ateliers de Jaquet Droz is still located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. 

How much is my Jaquet Droz watch worth?

When it comes to value, Jaquet Droz is promising. First, the brand has a limited annual production of roughly 3000 pieces. They also strive to maintain exclusivity by releasing watches in limited series of eight, twenty-eight, and sometimes one. The resale value of second-hand Jaquet Droz may not be as high as that of Rolex or Patek Philipe, this is because of the name tags. However, your used Jaquet Droz could get you a good amount of money, especially if it is in mint condition. 

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