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    MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual Limited Edition 44mm

    MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual Limited Edition 44mm

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    Ref:  LM3-0100-27-001
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    MB&F Horological Machines N7 Aquapop Titanium Green Limited Edition 53.8mm
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    Maximilian Busser & Friends, commonly called M.B. & F, has been referred to as one of the world’s most unusual and unconventional watchmakers. Founded in 2005 by Maximilian Busser, MB&F is one of the newer watch brands that has shaken the World of Swiss horology. MB&F is renowned for getting their inspiration from animation, robots, and science fiction. This inspiration also extends to the names of their collections like the Horological machines and Legacy machines. MB&F makes timepieces that excite the most ardent watch lover, who is also coincidentally a sci-fi and robotics lover. Welcome to a new world of exploring how the brand merges scientific curiosity and horology.

    Are MB&F watches good?

    To create timepieces representing what the brand stands for, MB&F goes through meticulous research and innovations. Their creations set the brand apart from others. Some of MB&F watches have over 500 components that are all intricately hand assembled to give them the perfect touch and finishing. MB&F watch cases are made with gold and stainless steel. However, the brand infuses high-quality materials like titanium, ceramic, and sapphire crystal from time to time. From concept to eventual production of MB&F chronographs takes a lot of years. The result of this is low production and a high level of exclusivity.  

     Where are MB&F watches made?

    MB&F is an independently owned brand based in Geneva, Switzerland. All MB&F watches are made and assembled in-house. In 2011, Busser expanded the company by creating Mechanical Art Devices, or M.A.D. M.A.D is a gallery where the company displays sculpted horological machines and arts by other artists.

    How much is my MB&F watch worth?

    MB&F makes their unconventional timepieces worth the attention of any watch nerd and collector. Their machine build, cost of production, and annual output makes MB&F extremely rare in the market. So, if you ever own a used MB&F watch in mint condition, you could be smiling to the bank. Rare editions will multiply in value as time progresses.  

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