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Brand: Piaget
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Piaget | Men & Ladies Watches | Watches World

The Piaget brand was discovered in 1874 by Georges Piaget in La côte-aux Fées in Switzerland. During its early years, George-Edouard Piaget spent most of his time making high-caliber watch movements and components. But under his grandson, Timothée Piaget, the watch brand transitioned from makers of watch movements to producers of luxury watches. Timothee incorporated the use of precious stones and resources to create elegant chronographs. It is no surprise celebrities love Piaget as they are renowned for making excellent and attractive timepieces. 

How much are Piaget watches?

There are different models, each with distinctive features and prices. If you are seeking affordable options, you will find some of the cheapest Piaget watches in the Polo collection. Prices in this collection range from below $10,000 to over $70,000, while others are exclusive in terms of their costs. Piaget Limelight Gala is one you should look out for if you enjoy ornate detailing on a timepiece. Some of the watches in this collection feature 60 finely cut diamonds, a Milanese 18k rose gold bracelet and water resistance up to 30 meters. With at least $27,000, you can get your hands on one of its models.

How to buy a Piaget watch?

You can purchase Piaget’s watches via various means. First is the Piaget jewelry and watch boutiques located in about 20 countries worldwide. Another channel bridging the gap between Piaget watch sellers and buyers is the secondary market. They offer an array of collections, from used to rare Piaget watches in pristine condition and at reasonable prices. 

Do Piaget watches hold their value?

Some people buy Piaget watches for the sake of investment but not all Piaget watches hold their value. Factors like models, rarity, and conditions are essential to consider before investing in a Piaget watch. The rare Piaget watches make better investments because of their high demands. If you own any of these in good condition, then you have a high chance of getting more than you invested.

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