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    Seiko Grand Seiko Heritage Titanium 40mm

    Seiko Grand Seiko Heritage Titanium 40mm

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    Ref:  SBGH243G
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    Seiko Grand Seiko Elegance 39mm

    Seiko Grand Seiko Elegance 39mm

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    Ref:  SBGK007G
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    Seiko Grand Seiko Heritage Hibeat Shirakaba 'White Birch' 40mm
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    Seiko | Men & Ladies Watches | Watches World


    For over 140 years, Seiko has maintained a tradition of combining the best innovative technology to manufacture durable and high-quality watches for watch lovers. Kintaro Hattori founded Seiko in 1881. He started by opening a shop in Tokyo to fix and sell watches and clocks. In 1892, he established the Seikosha factory where he began making wall clocks. Driven by the mantra, “Always one step ahead of the rest”, it has become the leading watch brand in Japan with its design and production facilities. How much does a Seiko watch cost? Seiko creates a perfect balance by manufacturing timepieces for the upper and lower market. There is a Seiko watch for everyone. So whether you buy a Seiko quartz timepiece or a mechanical one, rest assured you’re getting a high-quality watch. You can buy Seiko watches online for as low as $250. Some high-end Seiko watches like the Prospex LX cost around $3000 – $6000. 

    Are Seiko watches good?

    Seiko has a reputation for creating affordable high-quality watches. Every Seiko watch has succeeded in balancing quality and affordability. So regardless of the amount, the durability, style, and performance of Seiko watches are top-notch. Models like the Prospex collection are great professional sports and dive watches. If you need a nice, classy dress watch, look no further than the Presage collections. And there’s the Astron collection, named after the world’s first quartz watch.

    Where to buy Seiko watches

    Seiko timepieces are accessible and can be found in boutiques in several countries. You can also find vintage Seiko watches online if you are a collector. The secondary market also offers cheap pre-owned Seiko watches.

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