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Vacheron Constantin

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Brand: Vacheron Constantin
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Vacheron Constantin | Men & Ladies Watches | Watches World


Sheer brilliance, expertise, and quality are accolades of the famous watch brand, Vacheron Constantin. It’s one of the ‘Holy Trinity of watchmaking’. A recognition resulting from the brand’s years of achievement in Swiss horology. Jean-Marc Vacheron founded it in 1755 making it one of the oldest watchmaking brands. And it has continued to make high-end watches with the most refined artistry for over 200 years.  Vacheron Constantin has evolved over the years and is now owned by the Richemont Group, the brand has not cut down on quality. In fact, their timepieces are one-of-a-kind, uniting mechanisms and excellence. Vacheron Constantin has mastered the use of high-standard materials to make unique timepieces. For instance, the company has adopted white gold to produce some of its finest watches. This metal is known for its imperishable nature and rigidity, and Vacheron Constantin has used this material since its inception to make many of its timepieces. 

Is Vacheron Constantin a luxury brand?

Exclusivity and high prices are notable hallmarks of luxury brands. Vacheron Constantin may not be as popular as Rolex, but this is largely due to how exclusive it is. Vacheron Constantin’s annual production is around 20,000 – 25,000 timepieces, less than Patek Philippe and Rolex. A notable mention of the depth of Vacheron Constantin’s class is its Haute Horlogerie arm, Les Cabontiers. Les Cabontiers comprises the finest and most experienced artisans who worked hard behind the scenes to sculpt and assemble custom-made Vacheron Constantin timepieces to preserve tradition and quality. As Vacheron Constantin expanded, they received requests from sophisticated people around the world to make timepieces suitable for their high-class statuses. This capacity enables Vacheron Constantin to make non-pareil timepieces while climbing the ladder of exclusivity. 

How to pronounce Vacheron Constantin

It can be tempting to pronounce Vacheron Constantin as /va-che-uhn kon-stan-tin/ at an initial glance. However, Vacheron Constantin has a French pronunciation and the best way to pronounce is /va-chr(k)-uhn kaan-stuhn-teen/

Does Vacheron Constantin hold value?

If you want a watch that holds its value after some time, then Vacheron Constantin is one for you. Keep it in pristine condition and you’ll get a good resale value. Vintage Vacheron Constantin timepieces are known to appreciate, which is evident during auctions. This only proves that there are ready buyers for its exquisite watches.

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